This semester I was involved with the Brookhaven Cyber Coaches Service-Learning program. Through this program I was able to take some of the skills that I have learned during my computer science classes and apply them in a one on one tutoring session with senior citizens. My resident was interested in learning more about what the cloud is and different cloud applications as well as how to use Excel, PowerPoint, and Pandora. We spent about half of the tutor session on computer skills and the other half catching up on what we had done in the past week. As this was my last week at this program she even baked me some cookies to bring home to my roommates. I will definitely miss this college experience after graduation.


Last weekend, I joined the Ski & Snowboard club for the weekend trip up to Stratton Mountain in Vermont. As someone who had only been skiing twice in my life, I was not sure if I could handle two straight days of skiing on a Vermont mountain.  However, after getting back into the hang of it I was able to make it down beginner and intermediate trails without a problem. Staying with all of the other members of the club, we were able to bond on the 3.5 hour trip up and the two nights that we stayed in the ski lodge. We had perfect conditions without it being too windy or cold and perfect snow.

The view from the summit:


Overall I wish I hadn’t waited until senior year to go on a trip with the Ski & Snowboard club. It was a blast and definitely something I would want to do again. Check out their Instagram

Still not in tune with life back from being abroad. Barcelona was unreal. I’m still trying to take my siestas as well as fix my eating habits. I guess nobody else eats breakfast at 11:30 AM or a large lunch around 15:30? Apparently the rest of the world doesn’t stay out until 5:00 A.M.? While I am definitely happy to be back at Bentley nothing can compare to a completely different culture abroad.

     As November rears its cold head and morning frosts I think back to the Mediterranean climate where no matter what day it was it seemed like perfect weather. It seemed like every day was perfect in Barcelona and forced us to make the most out of every day.

   At the same time as everything was enjoyable abroad there were a few things that make me happy to be back at Bentley. For one, as great as siesta time was, there is no way that it would work in the U.S. simple things like grocery shopping became a bigger chore as once I got out of class there was a 2 hour window that the shops would be open for the rest of the day. Even things like 9-5 jobs didn’t really exist there as rush hour was from 9:00-10:00 AM and people left their jobs to take a siesta in the middle of the day. I am happy to be back in a hardworking environment where everybody around me is driven to collaborative sucess.

    Columbus Day weekend is usually the first time in the semester that college students return home or visit with friends at other colleges. This year with both Columbus Day and the day after off from school I wanted to do something different than the average trip back home. I wanted to make a trip up to Maine and go camping. My buddy Ryan and I packed up and drove up to Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor, ME.


    While I was expecting a ride I didn’t expect that I could drive 5 hours North and still be in the U.S. After a cold night we got up on Sunday and had the mission of going up Cadillac Mountain. Unfortunately the mountain sits in Acadia National Park which was closed due to the government shutdown. However, the park was open to bikers and walkers and we decided to rent bikes and make the trek up to the top. A few hours later we were rewarded with one of the highest views in Maine:


    Unless the government shuts down in October again I doubt that I will be able to experience the beauty of biking up to the top of the mountain without worrying about cars or crowds of tour buses. The only other people who were at the summit were fellow bikers or hikers who made it up on their own power as well. I guess you can say that I have caught Maine fever! Can’t wait to go back soon.